Matteuzzi Group

10/16 M - HIGH

AUTOMATIC INSPECTION SPREADER for car and light truck tyres.

ISO 9001


Machine suitable for car and light truck tyres having the following sizes:

  • Min./ max. section: 135 mm. to 300 mm.
  • Min./max. outer diameter: 480 mm. to 800 mm.
  • Min./max. rim dia. 13” to 19”
  • Min./max. bead inner width 70 to 250 mm.

A variety of models are available to satisfy all manufacturing requirements

Main features

  • Tyre lighting: two lamps for the tyre external surface, two spreading arms built-in lamps, two lamps fitted on the spreading arms.
  • Tyre spreading: 1.0 HP push-button and joystick controlled motor.
  • Tyre rotation: 0. 5 HP push-button and pedal controlled motor. 
  • Floor to floor average output: 40/60 - tyre casings per hour.
  • Total installed power: 1.1 kw (1.5 hp) approx.
  • Compressed air supply not required
  • Net weight: 300 kg.
  • Dimensions of the machine in service 920 x 1120 x 1250 (h) mm.
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