Matteuzzi Group

G100 - PI

FOOT PRINT TESTING MACHINE for light truck and truck tyres

ISO 9001


This machine facilitates tyre tread analysis finalized to verify the foot print of an operator selected tread area obtained at a dedicated pressure. Standard machine provides a foot print board suitable for carbon paper. Other force and pressure measurement devices can be specified or provided by the customer.

  • Bead dia. range 16” up to 24"
  • Max. cross section: 20”
  • Inflation pressure: 2 to 8 bar (30 to120 PSI) up to 10 bar (150 PSI) on request 
  • Tyre diameter: 700 (28”) to 1500mm (59”)
  • Hydraulically operated platform able to perform up to 5 tons pressure force. Up to 8 tons available on request. Pre-settable step by step force increase. Load digital readout
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