Matteuzzi Group


The G100, INFLATION TESTING MACHINE FOR TRUCK TYRES is intended to facilitate the visual inspection of tyre casings, retreaded tyres and new tyres for buses, trucks and light transport vehicles. A set of 20/22.5” bead plates is supplied as standard with the machine. According to the machine configuration the tyres can be inflated at two different pressures (2 and 8 bar - 30 and 120 PSI) or, alternatively, three different presures (2, 3÷5 and 5÷8 bar - 30, 45÷75 and 75÷120 PSI). Two tyre rotation speeds. The solidity of structure and accident protection devices allow the operator to work in safety. Compressed air supply: 10 bar (150 PSI). Compressed air absorption: 1400 Nl per cycle Total installed power: 4 HP. Dimensions: 2700 x 1400 x 2000 (h) mm. Net weight: 2190 kgs. approx. Ancillary equipment available on request: ƒ BEAD PLATES from 15” to 24.5”. ƒ EHD, electronic hole detector.

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